Business Development Advisor (E-Volunteer)

Posted On: 18 June 2020 Cuso International   Cross River
Reference: N/A Type: Part-Time

Job Description

3 Months | Start Date between Jun - July 2020 

Online placement (E-Volunteer) 

Partner Location Nigeria 

Start Date: Jun - July 2020 

Length of Placement 3 Months 

E-Volunteers typically spend between 2-10 hours per week, depending on project requirements. 

Language Requirements English Level 4 - Advanced 

The E-Volunteer's Role 

We are looking for an e-volunteer who wants to contribute to various agri-business initiatives in Nigeria and improve small-scale farmers' productivity. 

  • As the business Development Advisor, you will work closely with the project team in developing business strategies that will positively impact productivity. You will help in strengthening the value chain, including alternative marketing strategies. 

  • As an e-volunteer, you will: Design business development intervention/strategies for refugees with small businesses adapting to host countries.
  • Share market best practices for small business owners.
  • Essential Academic Qualifications: Bachelor's degree in Business Management or any related field.
  • Necessary Professional Background: Previous e-volunteering experience

About E-Volunteering 

Cuso International's e-volunteering program welcomes new and returning volunteers to work with our international program partners and volunteers remotely. E-Volunteering offers many of the benefits gained from international volunteering while having the extra advantage of fitting into one's regular weekly schedule without needing a passport. Contributing and giving back to a community, gaining new skills, and making new connections are common benefits of e-volunteering. For Cuso International, it is an excellent opportunity to engage more people in its mission. 

E-Volunteers are expected to supply their own essential home office equipment, Internet and have a moderate knowledge of computer technology. Some of our partners are located in remote areas with an unreliable internet connection. Also, for some of our partners, this is their first experience working with e-volunteers, so flexibility and patience is a valuable e-volunteer characteristic. 

Not sure whether e-volunteering may be right for you? Take this short survey to find out! 

Additional information about our e-volunteering 

About Us and the Project 

Cuso International 

Cuso International is a not-for-profit development organization that works to eradicate poverty and inequality. Each year, we mobilize hundreds of volunteer professionals to work alongside local partners to maximize their impact through capacity building. We work in partnership with governments, civil society organizations, multilateral agencies, and the private sector to develop and deliver programs aimed at advancing gender equality, promoting women's and girls' empowerment, and improving access to and quality of economic opportunities for young people. 

Project - Sharing Canadian Expertise for Inclusive Development and Gender Equality (SHARE) 

Cuso International will deliver the Canadian Sharing Expertise for Inclusive Development and Gender Equality (SHARE) project, with a contribution from Global Affairs Canada (GAC) over seven years (2020-2027). SHARE aims to improve the economic and social well-being of the most impoverished, marginalized, and vulnerable people, particularly women and girls, in developing countries, to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals. In addition to increasing engagement of Canadians in international development and critical global issues, this project will aim to improve the performance of country partners to deliver more inclusive, innovative and environmentally sustainable development initiatives that advance gender equality, in support of the action areas of Canada's Feminist International Assistance Policy.




Application Currently Closed

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