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Posted On: 14 December 2020 The Gradient Boost   Lagos
Reference: N/A Type: Full-Time

Job Description

We are an angel investor backed startup based in the US and operating in the Nigerian market. We enable companies to hire and contract data science talent across Africa.


To facilitate this we offer a 6 month full time data science training fellowship to people looking to learn data science at no cost to the student. We deliver training through a combination of mentorship from data science professionals, peer to peer learning between students to build collaborative and communication skills and we expose our learners to data science projects and case studies from companies across Africa to give our students more real world experience.


Teaching Assistant (TA) responsibilities:


The TAs are an important part of The Gradient Boost community, interacting with students regularly to; help them with both technical and soft skills oriented tasks and getting to know the students better to ensure that students feel comfortable communicating their weaknesses. The TAs also play a key role in assessing the quality of our tutorial content in terms of relatability to students and whether the content is understandable and engaging to our students.




- Regular check-in with students

- Co-hosting tutorials and workshops to aide mentor in stimulating discussion

- Assessing student take home challenges

- Assisting in guiding students in projects and case studies

- Assessing tutorial content in terms of relatability to students

- Building strong rapport with students, understanding their strengths and weaknesses and regularly communicating this with leadership

- Leading revision sessions to help struggling students




- Proficiency in Python and SQL

- Familiarity with data visualization/business intelligence tools such as PowerBi or Tableau

- Strong mathematical skills (e.g statistics and algebra)

- Strong communication skills




We hire people not machines, builders, working in unison to build practical data science talent.

We value ideas, regardless of who they come from, we value action over words, we value initiative, we are not looking for people that tick the box, but individuals who share our vision, who want to see our students succeed, will think about new ways to improve student outcomes and who are not afraid to challenge themselves and hold us accountable to our goals and vision. We value the ability to know what you bring to the table, the self-awareness and honesty to understand your shortcomings, the courage to admit your mistakes and willingness to grow with us.


Please include a link to your GitHub and/or Kaggle account. We will be evaluating applications over the remainder of the year and proceed with interviews in early to mid January.


Technical Skills

Team support

Application Currently Closed

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